The Show


Chew On This is a radio show about the practical ways people are making the world a better place.  Each episode, we take a challenge people face in their daily lives and bring experts to a food truck park to get some ideas about how to handle it.  People who attend the recording of a show have the opportunity to ask guest experts questions about the challenge we’re discussing.  It could be, How do you garden in a small spaceHow do you bike safely in a city? Or, How do you strike out on your own as a freelancer without feeling lonely and going broke? A significant portion of the proceeds from the show will go to projects that are supporting the vibrancy of public spaces in the Bay Area.

You’ve lost me.  First things first. What the heck is a food truck park?
A gathering of food trucks.

So it’s a show about food.
No.  It’s a show about good ideas and how you can make those ideas a reality in your own community.

But you’re recording it at food truck parks.
We are indeed.  Food truck parks bring together people of all ages and backgrounds who might not typically participate in a radio show but who have much to contribute to one. 

I’m intrigued but still confused.

Each episode focuses on a different topic, and we invite experts to answer practical questions that audience participants have about that topic. 

Give me an example of an episode.

You bet.  A recent episode is about how to garden even if you have a yard the size of a ping pong table. In the show, we hear how Planting Justice brings edible gardens to low-income communities and employment to people who’ve served time in prison.  We also find out how 49 Farms is bringing at least one farm to each and every one of San Francisco’s 49 square miles.  Then Planting Justice’s permaculture designer May Nguyen and 49 Farms co-founder Jay Rosenberg, were on hand to answer audience members’ questions such as:  What can I grow if I live an apartment with little direct light and no balcony accessWhy doesn’t my lemon tree have more lemons on it? And What could I grow in my shady backyard?  

So people who attend the recording at the food truck pod get to ask the experts questions?


I get it.  I’ve got a suggestion for an upcoming show.

Fantastic! Visit our Contact Us page to learn how to submit it.