Episode 5: Gardening in a Small Space



May Nguyen, Planting Justice


Before working with Planting Justice, May began her food justice work during her days on the campus of UC Berkeley with the student-run organization Society for Agriculture & Food Ecology (SAFE). With her trusty team of student activists, she helped plan DIY workshops, published a zine of student-authored articles called "Lettuce Turnip the Beets". She has extended this work beyond the campus: helping to promote The Greenhorns, a New York-based non-profit in the midst of producing a documentary film about young farmers in America, WWOOF in Thailand and France, and studying the formation of intentional permaculture communities.

 Listen here to meet some of the people Planting Justice employs.



Jay Rosenberg (aka Jay Blue Tape), 49 Farms
and Hayes Valley Farm

A co-founder of Hayes Valley Farm and 49 Farms, Jay has been involved with sustainable agriculture projects in rural and urban settings since the beginning of the century. In that time, Jay has traveled the world collaborating on farms and food gardens including City Farm in Chicago, a 14-acre farm and tropical food forest in Maui, and edible gardens in Miami; London; Sydney, Australia; and locations throughout California.

Farms in San Francisco?!  Listen here to take a tour of some of the amazing farms under highway overpasses and beside busy streets. 


National Gardening Association

Gardening with Kids

Hayes Valley Farm

49 Farms

Found SF’s Listing of Community Gardens in San Francisco's_Community_Gardens

San Francisco Community Gardens listing

San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Directory

San Francisco Urban Agriculture Alliance

Planting Justice

Valley Verde in San Jose:

Video on Bamboo Irrigation:


Featured Songs

“Small is Tremendous” by Zoe Lewis
“Garden Song” by Audrey Engdahl & Rick Engdahl

Permaculture. It’s more than an idea for your garden, it’s also a way of life. Our experts break down exactly what the term means and how it can benefit your home, your neighborhood, and the greater community.

Ideas of what to grow when you only have one small kitchen window and an itchy green thumb.

The  ins  and  outs  of worm bins, how easy it is to cultivate  them, and the benefits their  wiggly occupants bring to your garden.

You’ve watered it, you’ve coddled it, heck — you’ve even sung to it. Despite all this attention, your produce just isn’t thriving. Experts Jay Rosenberg with 49 Farms and May Nguyen with Planting Justice troubleshoot how to make it right when your garden is going wrong in cold weather.

Our experts settle a debate that has plagued homes: are coffee grounds good or bad for your compost?

Think Fast: What would you name this beastly gourd?

Think Fast: What would you name this beastly gourd?

Meal of Fortune Challenge

During our Meal of Fortune Challenge, we ask you for your suggestions as to what this giant gourd should be called. You can email you own ideas to us at

Featured Stories

Charlie Mintz takes a look at 49 Farms, a San Francisco organization dedicated to making permaculture the norm.

Voices and perspectives from workers at Planting Justice, an organization that’s not just growing vegetation, but growing jobs too.

Truck owners Frances and Emily bring you inside to talk about finding each other and finding Manna.