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EPISODE 4: Helping Kids Have Good Experiences Online



Rebecca Randall, Common Sense Media

Rebecca Randall is the VP of Education Programs at Common Sense Media. She is responsible for partnering with school districts and departments of education across the country, including providing oversight to education program staff. Rebecca has more than fifteen years of experience working in the non-profit education sector on behalf of children and families; prior to joining Common Sense, she was the Associate VP/Education Program Officer at United Way of the Bay Area and worked in various child development and community agencies in Chicago. 


Carly Steyer, Common Sense Media

Carly Styer is a high school sophomore and expert on social media, not just because she's a teenager, but because he father is the founder of Common Sense Media. She's helped them conduct research and develop content for their Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum.

Listen here to drop in on a digital literacy class. 



Common Sen se Media: Nonprofit organization dedicated to helping parents and educators teach kids how to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in our 24/7 digital media world 

Web Wise Kids: a national non-profit organization

SafetyNet: American Academy of Pediatrics

New Moon Girls

Common Sense Family Media Agreements: For age groups 6 - 18 years-old

Digital Literacy Curriculum 


Featured Songs

“Social Media Song” by Shimona Kee
“True Friend” by Myley Cyrus
“Collie Bud” by The Skatalites
“Internet Love Song” by John Cedrick


Think that texting or Facebook messaging is a teen's favorite way to communicate? Wrong! Listen to this clip to find out the actual answer.

Experts from Common Sense Media lay out helpful 'rules of the road' when it comes to kids surfing the web.

In a highly connected world, your online identity can be more important than your in-person identity. How do you get kids to understand the importance of managing online reputations without stifling their creativity?

Can't get your family to leave their phones alone during dinner time? It's probably time to set some behavior expectations for everyone, including you.

Snapchat and other image capturing apps are getting parents worried. What's the actual threat? 

Meal of Fortune Challenge

During our Meal of Fortune Challenge, we quizzed our audience on current statistics about kids and teenagers and which devices they use to communicate with the most. You can download your own quiz sheet to play along at home or share with a friend.


In California, schools have begun adding digital literacy lessons to their curriculum. Charlie Mintz reports on the impact these lessons have.

Navigating social media is a challenge for business owners too. Ivan prefers a more hands-on approach when it comes to his truck, Tacos El Tuca.